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Gallery Mission: Gallery 901 exhibits strive to increase awareness around pressing social issues to a diverse audience. We present exhibits of community artists and groups which celebrate the affirmative impact of the creative process, and which encourage positive social change.
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Opening Reception: Saturday December 7th 3-5pm

Afro instrumentality DIY Visual and Auditory experience, highlighting social justice, symbols and signifiers of urban “black “ culture through the perspective of Afro-futurism and Allen's cathartic process. He wants to create an experience; a conversation about the consumption/integration of black culture in current popular culture and address issues of social justice. Allen works as an educator, teaching Artist, experimental Sound Artist, curator and Mentor. Recently he has worked in Evanston as a youth worker/mentor for 2 and a half years and made a deep connections with 4th through 12th grade students. It has been an extremely positive experience and he is hosting a DIY workshop with a collaborative performance with artifacts created at the workshop. His hope is to engage both the youth he has mentored, while challenging the surrounding community to converse concerning issues of equity and social justice. The workshop to be remaking records and playing/sampling them with turntables.

 Saturday December 7-January 31 

Unraveling the Passage of Time

Unraveling the Passage of Time
Opening Reception: November 2nd 4-6pm

Unraveling the Passage of Time Elena G. Kaiser, LCPC ATR BC Encaustic monotype scrolls and encaustic oil paintings with mixed media on pine board Artist’s meanderings . . . I have been an artist all my life, which now spans 61 years. My art led me to a Master of Art Therapy at The School of the Art Institute in 1986. There, I met and studied with Don Seiden, who became an important mentor – may his memory be a blessing. My current art works have been stirring in me as I aided both of my beloved parents along their final journey to the realm beyond. My father died August 8, 2018, and my mother followed on January 20, 2019. Now, absolute silence. My midlife journey is now coming into focus. My three children are now young adults. For almost 30 years, I have put my painter self to the side in order to be their mother. Nursing, dressing, bathing, feeding, clothing, leading by example and failing to lead by example. Now, no one to take care of, no call of duty. Only a husband and psychotherapy practice to maintain. I see the passage of time unraveling. I return to my roots. I am quieting the inner critic who has kept me from going to my studio and am instead enjoying the sheer bliss of colors, textures, light, and my narrative that pokes through. I love process painting, which is similar to what Open Studio Project promotes. Alone in my studio, each mark, stroke, and print defines the present moment. I am once again reminded of artists I fell in love with in my youth: Marc Chagall, Franz Marc, Sonia Delaunay, Alice Neel, Wassily Kandinsky, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and others. I also remember the artists who are and were my friends and teachers, Nancy Rosen, Michiko Itatani, and Don Seiden. I am inspired by everyone who makes the time to make their life’s marks. Finally, I unpacked my Hot Box after an inspiring week at Oxbow this summer. My monotype printing on rice-paper rolls contains a visual narrative of my reflection on death. I felt as I worked that I was reliving the joys and sorrows of death’s mysteries. Until my parents’ passing, I had never experienced death up close. But I was summoned first by my father and then by my mother to do so. I dedicate this work to their memory in appreciation of their lifelong support. Sonnie and Gene, as they were known, supported my desire to study art as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, travel alone throughout Europe and Israel, and pursue a degree in Art Therapy at a time when everyone asked, “What’s art therapy?” It is fulfilling to now live my life being mindful of what is inside me as an artist and an art therapist as I guide others big and small to love themselves and thus love life itself.

 November 2-17 

Connections: Learning to Dance/ Raissa Bailey Paintings

Connections: Learning to Dance/ Raissa Bailey Paintings
Opening Reception: Saturday October 5th 3-5pm

An exploration of art to reflect the connection of body, mind and spirit It has been said that when someone loses their sight, other senses like sound and smell can become heightened. These heightened senses help compensate for a limit in the other so the individual can still navigate successfully through the world. In some ways with even greater awareness. Similarly, when my physical body was jeopardized and limited, I found that my mind and spirit connections were heightened. As I was left mostly immobile for almost two years due to a bone infection in my foot, I used art to step outside my situation and explore the depth of my human experience and the connection of the mind, body and spirit. The Venus Series is the culmination of those two years of reflection and meditation. The process of reflection allowed me to explore connections between ancient symbols: the I Ching’s water trigram, and the simplistic form of pre-historic figures such as the Venus of Hohle Fels. The ways these images began to merge and swirl in both form and meaning gave me a path to explore through my art and offered a distraction from my pain. Like the water they are both associated with, the image of limbless female form and Yin/Yang lines of the I Ching, had a strength in simplicity which was a key to my journey to recovery. They offered me greater insight into the nature of physical form, depth of spirit and the power of the mind to unite them in a way that transcends a single moment in time.

 Exhibit runs October 1st-31st 



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