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Gallery Mission: Gallery 901 exhibits strive to increase awareness around pressing social issues to a diverse audience. We present exhibits of community artists and groups which celebrate the affirmative impact of the creative process, and which encourage positive social change.
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"School Pictures" by Melissa Ann Pinney
Opening Reception: Saturday March 7th 3-5pm

"School Pictures" by Melissa Ann Pinney Runs from March 7th through April 30th, 2020 My photographs of the students in Chicago Public Schools bear witness to the significance of a world we're rarely invited to see. I photograph during lunchtime or recess when the kids are most free to be together and be themselves. The easy physicality, sometimes affectionate, sometimes not, is fascinating to see. Gender fluidity, difference and androgyny in dress and manner are taken for granted, even celebrated by students and teachers. The surprising moments and the stories that I witness in these complex, layered and diverse school communities ground my work in the everyday realities of Chicago Public School kids. Melissa Ann Pinney is the recipient of Open Studio Project's Gallery 901 Award for 2020. Gallery 901 is a mission- driven exhibition venue highlighting community voices and creative responses to pressing social issues. A primary goal of this venue is to feature local artists who have highlighted healing or transformative bodies of work and to attract audiences who may not traditionally attend art exhibitions. Melissa is an artist with CPS lives Open Studio Project launched its social-emotional learning art programs in CPS in February 2020. CPS Arts

 March 7-April 30 



  "The Sarah Series" by Connie Gillock
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"Afro-Instrumentality" by Allen Moore
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
"Unraveling the Passage of Time" by Elena Kaiser
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
"Connections: Learning to Dance" Raissa Bailey Paintings
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
"Verity" by Nina Moyer
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
Facilitator Showcase 2019 Facilitator Showcase 2019
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"Transplated" bu Bridget Stump
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Inner Balance Inner Balance
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
The ART of Infertility The ART of Infertility
Evanston Art Events Exhibits
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