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“This class is my favorite. I love you. Thank you for making us feel like we’re artists. It’s not what anybody else feels about us.”

-Student at Mason Elementary following 12-week SEL residency with OSP


Open Studio Project has developed a process-oriented curriculum for creative arts education aligned with Illinois SEL and visual arts standards which support student social and emotional development. OSP is one of the first art-based organizations in Illinois to develop an evidence-based curriculum incorporating a creative methodology and SEL and visual arts goals for all students, including those with communication disorders, autism, and special needs.

Participants of the curriculum explore and develop stronger skills in creative art expression while learning the skills for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building and responsible decision-making.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: professional development trainings to accompany these lessons geared to educators, school counselors, and art specialists.

    • A curriculum has been developed for PreK, K-8 & High School
    • Each Lesson Includes:
      • A Teacher’s Guide
      • SEL & Art Objectives
      • SEL & Art Vocabulary
      • Project Instructions
      • Emotion Faces, Calming Activity
      • Learning Prompts
      • SEL & Art Inquiry & Reflections
    • In addition, visit our Teachers Pay Teachers site to purchase individual lessons & download our free resources

K-8th Curriculum

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Go in-depth with our evidence based social-emotional learning art curriculum.  Train directly with the curriculum authors, practitioners, and art therapists working in Chicago-area schools. Learn all about the OSP SEL philosophy, goals, and outcomes.

  • Receive 3 free lessons from the curriculum with the training
  • Training can be paid for by PD or Grants. Contact sel@openstudioproject.org for more details


Highly customizable partnerships between OSP and your school.

  • With each residency, schools will receive:
    • Teaching Artist
    • Art Therapist
    • All Curriculum Lessons
    • All Needed Supplies
    • Training for Staff
    • Gallery Show
  • Ability to be remote, in person, or hybrid.
  • Can pay for by PD or Grants. Contact sel@openstudioproject.org for more info.

The Data

This chart depicts that, for the first lesson in the sequence, students expressed positive emotions, 42% were happy and 28% were either calm or proud of their art creation. Responses were similar for most of the lessons. The emotions question can be very helpful from lesson to lesson for instructors to determine mood trends and if a child needs assistance.

Contact: sel@openstudioproject.org for more info

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