Art & Envisioning

Art & Envisioning for Professional Development


This is your opportunity to take our OSP Process and use it as a tool for your business to develop leadership, collaboration, and actualize your goals using creative problem solving. Whether it is focusing on the art making or part of a larger plan, our staff and facilitators are highly trained in both planning and executing this process. With the help of your team, we can create an in-studio time that refreshes employees, restores empathy, and reconnects them not only with their colleagues, but with your goals as well.

Whether you’re already in the middle of planning a staff retreat or just want to give something valuable to your employees, we’re poised and ready to help. Your first step is reaching out to to determine what will be the best fit for your needs.


Options for Hosting an Art & Envisioning Program


Ask yourself: Will I want to host the entire retreat in OSP’s private studio? Our open and inspiring studio is the perfect place to not only host the art making time, but any sort of team building or presentation that you had planned as well. We have a variety of tools and equipment available to help facilitate any type of retreat you had in mind, including a projector and screen. You will have the benefit of total privacy as we close the studio during your time, but still have the luxury of having the office right next door for any questions you may have.

Have another location planned for the rest of the retreat and only need the art making time? Not a problem! As you collaborate with our team, we will be able to determine which is the best workshop on our roster for you. Or we can come up with a completely new one! Take a look at some of our workshops below to give you an idea of which area would be the best fit for you.


Open Studio Project Workshops for Professional Development


Art & Wellness: Our classic process-based workshop that focuses on the individual’s intuition and connecting with their own inner self. Through the process of art making, thoughtful journaling, and sharing their piece, participants gain a greater understanding of not only themselves but of their peers and fellow participants. This is furthered by our “No Commenting” rule, allowing the sharer to feel safe to express themselves in any way they need to, and allowing fellow participants to fully hear what they have to say without the need to formulate a response. This is a great workshop if one of your goals is team bonding and building empathy.

Art & Renewal: With this workshop designed to support helping professionals, this workshop develops a sustainable creative practice that is simple and effective. With this, it releases stress, restores empathy, and creates a balance with our personal and professional life. Let your team support each other through the process of intuitive art making and writing within our safe and private studio. This is a great options for groups that are experiencing burn out. You can learn more about this workshop here.

If neither one of these fit your needs, reach out to let us know your goals and we can collaborate on creating a unique and beneficial workshop that will make the most of your time with OSP.

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