Art & Health

Outreach for Adults in the Chicagoland Community



OSP’s Art & Health’s art and writing process provides opportunities for personal growth and emotional expression. Participants work with inviting art materials in a safe and supportive environment. Ongoing sessions & one-time workshops focus on using the OSP process to maintain mental health while meeting the goals set by each participant.

Workshops for adults in the Chicagoland community are tailored to the needs of the adults served. They are planned as a team between the organization requesting it & OSP to ensure that the time spent together will be as beneficial as possible.

Examples of previous collaborations include: Connections for the Homeless, Housing Opportunities for Women, YWCA Week without Violence, and Willpower.

Our Goals:

To give a place of reprieve to those who need it.

At all times, we strive to be a safe place for all participants. The privacy allowed for our adult participants is something that is treasured. Many of the issues that the participants are going through are of a more sensitive nature and allowing them safety and privacy is key.

To give an outlet for daily stresses and struggles.

The world is crazier now than it has ever been. The need for a resting and recuperating place is needed more than ever. If the session is entered with a need to process struggles, or to be granted an escape from them, the ability to be given that choice is greatly beneficial.

To build healthy coping strategies.

By teaching and guiding others to use art for personal growth and exploration, it lessens the need to practice unhealthy coping methods. When energy is being poured into something positive, the need for detrimental habits will not only lesson, but the cause of them is worked through.

To give a space where all voices are heard.

By not allowing any criticism, not only do participants feel comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts and struggles, but allows others to fully listen and understand the position of the speaker. When there is no need to form a response, this allows you to fully focus on the person presenting. In this same vein, if a participant chooses not to present, for any reason, they are freely given that choice and will have the same experience as those that chose to.


We tailor the Art & Health workshops and classes to fit with the group that will be participating. Our diverse group of teaching facilitators come from a wide range of professions and backgrounds, and all come with a well tuned set of skills. Not only will the projects and discussions be tailored to the specific group of participants, but the facilitator will be specifically chosen as well.

We are also welcome to implementing any themes or projects that you have already come up with. Our team of planners and facilitators strive to make this experience as successful as it can possibly be, and wish to do that in a cooperative manner to your goals.

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