Community Outreach

Art Programming for Community Well-Being


As part of Open Studio Project’s mission to bring the creative process to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, we create community partnerships and art programming for community well-being in Evanston and surrounding areas. Through collaborations with community members, social service agencies, schools, and many other organizations, we provide programs to broad and diverse groups of people.

Within these relationships, we encourage individuals to empower themselves and turn to art for self-awareness, expression, and clarity in challenging or transitional times. Our outreach programs include:

  • Art & Action- an after school program for kids and teens
  • Art & Health- a program for adults engaging with the OSP process as a way to maintain mental health and personal growth
  • SEL Art Curriculum- a unique and needed program, one of the firsts of its kind in Illinois, that addresses and develops the social and emotional needs of kids ages Pre K – 8th Grade.

With our mission to bring the creative process to as many people as possible, the work we do with our partner organizations is invaluable. As we start to build a new relationship, a collaborative effort between Open Studio Project and the partner will begin to design and implement a strategic way to address the group’s needs through art. Because of this, each of our partnerships are unique to the group within it, allowing both OSP and the partner to enjoy a greater freedom in tackling the needs of the specific group.

Check out one of the links below to see more specifics of what we do for kids, teens, and adults. Click “How To Partner” to find the best set of tools and contacts to begin this process with OSP.

Current & Past Partners

A brief list of our past partners includes:

  • Art Connects Evanston
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Childcare Network of Evanston
  • Connections for the Homeless
  • Dolls4Peace
  • Evanston Cradle to Career 
  • Evanston Township High School
  • Haven for Youth
  • James B Moran Center for Youth Advocacy
  • Josselyn Center
  • LINKS Youth
  • New Foundations
  • New Trier Learning Venter
  • PEER Services
  • Warming House
  • Winnetka Youth Organization
  • Youth & Opportunity United

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