Ethic of Care

At OSP, we believe in providing therapeutic and stimulating programming that combines the art-making process with writing, resulting in healthy expression of emotions, better decision making, and mental clarity.


We believe that art can change everything.

Ethic of Care

There is an inherent respect for every person who participates at Open Studio Project, respect as a co-creator or artist and respect as a human being with something of value to offer, and as a genuine source of wisdom. It is understood that everyone from our board members to our youngest participants are treated with kindness and respect. Mutual understanding of these values is crucial to who we are, to our rate of growth, and to maintain the studios as safe places to make art, to work, and as a positive community with which to be involved. Open Studio Project is a “criticism-free zone” and we value the social-emotional arts.

SEL Statement

OSP has developed a process-oriented approach to meet with Illinois SEL and visual arts standards that support students’ emotional health and well- being. It is one of the first art-based organizations in Illinois to develop an evidence-based social and emotional learning curriculum that incorporates a creative methodology and meets SEL and visual arts goals for all students, including those with communication disorders, autism, and special needs.

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